Brazil asked the EU to compensation for the steel import tariff protection


The government of Brazil on Monday asked the EU earlier this month the implementation of security steel import tariffs make compensation. Brazil also informed the World Trade Organization (WTO) said, in view of the new situation of steel tariffs, it may take other measures to balance its trade with europe.

“The Brazil government is willing to engage in a dialogue with the EU, to find the best way to solve this problem,” said in a statement. ”This also strengthened our protection of Brazil iron and steel manufacturers and importers will.”

Iron and steel import protection measures, the EU decided to 7 2018 in order to protect the European steel producers and the implementation of another two and a half years, in response to the United States 2018 3 announced in the steel and aluminum tariff measures.

The EU security measures for the 28 class steel products set a specific quota, including laminated steel (laminated steel), and the steel pipe road and highway construction. The Brazilian products affected by the seven categories of quotas.

Post time: Feb-22-2019
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