In April, the steel industry running on a good basis of steel prices overall strong shock


Looking ahead to April, wang dayong, vice President and secretary general of hebei metallurgical industry association, believes that this month’s steel industry is running well and the market is still expected.The rapid decline of steel industry chain inventory, to provide power support for steel prices, April is the traditional peak season of steel consumption, downstream demand, especially infrastructure construction will remain high volatility.At the same time, the large-scale environmental protection limit of steel production in north China has ended, and the raw material market is expected to stop falling and recover. However, the steel industry in tangshan and other places will implement the environmental protection limit of non-heating season.It is expected that the steel market in April long – short game, steel prices will continue to shock the overall strong.

Wang dayong said that this year’s government report, for the steel industry macro good news more.This year, with the strong support of national policies, the country has made great efforts to improve the business environment. We will implement more measures to cut fees and taxes, appropriately expand effective investment, shift our macro policies to counter-cyclical adjustment, and continue to unleash domestic demand to provide good opportunities for the steel industry.However, changes in macroeconomic stability, the impulse to expand production capacity and rising operating costs have also posed new challenges to the healthy development of the steel industry.

Post time: Apr-03-2019
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