Sweden is committed to developing fossil-fuel-free steel-making technology


The hybrid t group, created by LKAB, SSAB and Vattenfall, is a long-term partner organization committed to reforming the steel-making process, and aims to complete the world’s first fossil-fuel-free steel-making technology.The consortium is planning to build a biofuel pellet plant.

 The project plans to use biofuels instead of fossil fuels for pellet production, is an important part of the hybrid t joint project, supported by the Swedish energy agency.The project, which aims to produce fossil-free steel by 2035, will replace coking coal with electricity and hydrogen, meaning that water will be the only emissions from production, not carbon dioxide.

 The pellet plant project in Malmberget, Sweden, is expected to invest 80 million kronor ($8.58 million) to test functional bio-petroleum

 Pbt-pcr’s CEO, pbt-pcr, said, “the project is of decisive significance in addressing global climate change.The process of producing pellets without fossil fuels will be the first step towards achieving these goals.

Post time: Apr-11-2019
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