Tangshan steel enterprises will continue to implement the autumn and winter off-peak production limit

Recently, relevant authorities in tangshan city reported the progress of the production of off-peak peak in the autumn and winter of the iron and steel industry from 2018 to 2019. The relevant contents are as follows:

 1. The implementation period of peak shift production in the iron and steel industry in autumn and winter is determined to be October 1, 2018, solstice, March 31, 2019 (a total of 182 days).The production performance of iron and steel enterprises in the city was classified into different grades. Considering the actual situation, the production capacity of iron and steel enterprises in the autumn and winter of the city was finally 18.5922 million tons, exceeding the 2.71 million tons of actual task accomplished in the heating season of last year, and the proportion of production limit was regulated by 31.55%.

 2. Supervised and inspected the implementation of peak shift production plan. Targeted at the situation that iron and steel enterprises failed to implement peak shift production limit tasks in autumn and winter.Put forward clear rectification requirements, one is not strict supervision of blast furnace wind control and oxygen reduction, short-term closed furnace wind maintenance and other production reduction methods to replace the peak production limit, the peak production reduction can not be included in the system for the completion of peak production limit;The second is to check the minimum production load of heating protection. It is preliminarily determined that, except for the 5 iron and steel enterprises that can appropriately extend the production time limit of peak fault, other enterprises shall implement the current production plan of peak fault in the city, and shall not arbitrarily extend the production time of peak fault, but must be incorporated into the production limit task of peak fault in autumn and winter before March 31, 2019.

 Actual implementation tangshan iron and steel enterprises staggered peak production actual implementation is divided into two categories.In the first category, 24 iron and steel enterprises in 9 counties (cities) are in place according to the requirements of the city’s production plan of tachuofeng.The second category, according to the city up to the wrong peak production plan requirements have not been implemented in place, including 6 counties (cities) district of 11 iron and steel enterprises.At present, the company is actively coordinating and supervising the county (city) district and enterprises to adjust and implement the production plan of peak fault according to the requirements, and reporting to relevant departments for the record.

 4. Suggestions for the next step: firstly, the main responsibility should be practically implemented. The local steel enterprises should strictly implement the main responsibility of the production of peak fault.Second, we will strengthen oversight and inspection.Third, closely combine the early warning response of heavy pollution weather with the production of off-peak, supervise and guide iron and steel enterprises to timely adjust the “one plant, one policy” scheme, increase the intensity of blast furnace shutdown and production limit, increase the proportion of off-peak production limit during heavy pollution weather, and ensure the successful completion of off-peak production tasks in the iron and steel industry in autumn and winter.

Post time: Dec-13-2018
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