The New Zealand government has rejected a counterclaim by New Zealand steel over Chinese steel imports


The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has dismissed a New Zealand Steel complaint that imports of Chinese Steel were unfairly subsidised by the government, according to a recent survey.

 BlueScope Steel, a New Zealand Steel company, had applied to the ministry of commerce, innovation and employment for a trade investigation.The company alleges that steel imports from China are being dumped on the New Zealand market and that the Chinese government is unfairly subsidizing the imports, and that the dumping and subsidies need to be investigated separately.

 New Zealand steel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia’s borthger steel and is the largest steelmaker in New Zealand.It argues that imports of chinese-made steel products, which are subsidised by the government, could cause substantial damage to New Zealand’s steel industry.

 The company had filed a trade complaint against three different imported steel products, claiming that the products were unfairly subsidized or dumped on the New Zealand market, undermining the country’s domestic steel production industry.But each New Zealand government investigation concluded that the subsidies were too small to change the margins of the product’s makers;And the margin of dumping is too small to hurt New Zealand’s local steel industry.

 The findings of the latest complaint are similar, with New Zealand’s ministry of commerce, innovation and employment saying the level of government support for steel imports from China was negligible.

Post time: Apr-09-2019
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