The United States has decided to impose a double countertariff on welded steel pipes imported from four countries, including Canada


Washington, April 3 (Reuters) – The U.S. International Trade Commission said on Tuesday it will impose tariffs for five years on large-diameter welded steel pipes imported from Canada, Greece, South Korea and Turkey because U.S. producers have been harmed.

 In a statement, the U.S. international trade commission said it supported a tax on steel pipe imports from South Korea, but not from Turkey, because pipe imports from the four countries hurt U.S. producers.The commission said structural steel pipes from Canada, South Korea and Turkey were also being dumped.

The commission said stainless steel pipes from Canada were not being dumped in the United States, and those from South Korea were not being dumped or unfairly subsidized.

 The Commerce Department said in February that the imports were being dumped on the U.S. market and in some cases unfairly subsidized, so it announced temporary tariffs to protect domestic producers.

 Preliminary tariffs on steel pipes from those countries will remain in place after the U.S. international trade commission ruled Tuesday that U.S. producers were harmed by imports from those countries.

 In 2017, the United States is expected to import $179.9 million of large-diameter welded steel pipes from Canada, $150.9 million of similar products from South Korea, $57.3 million from Turkey and $10.7 million from Greece.

 The United States launched an anti-dumping investigation into the imports after receiving petitions from some private American producers.The survey included plain carbon and alloy welded steel tubes with diameters exceeding 16 inches (406.4mm).

 Large diameter welded steel pipe can be used to transport oil, natural gas, mud, steam or other fluids, liquids or gases.

Post time: Apr-04-2019
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