The work plan for the transformation of ultra-low emissions in iron and steel enterprises was released before April.


“4 months ago!”On March 5, the national committee of the 13th session of the conference held after the first press conference, the national committee of the Chinese population resources and environment committee, the committee of the central committee, the ecological environment, the atmospheric environment Liu Bingjiang is the iron and steel enterprises ultra-low emissions modification plan when to release the problem, answer to the China metallurgical newspaper reporters’ questions.

It is reported that at the beginning of May 2018, the ministry of ecology and environment issued a letter to solicit opinions on the work plan for the transformation of ultra-low emission of iron and steel enterprises (draft).

The theme of the press conference was “on winning the three major battles against major risks, poverty alleviation and pollution control”.

Answer questions at the meeting, Liu Bingjiang introduction, last year, the national resolve steel production capacity of more than 3000 ten thousand tons, the country’s 810 million mw coal-fired units of the basic reached the gas emission levels, built the world’s largest clean coal base, eliminated 13000 industrial furnaces, the national coal accounts for the proportion of primary energy consumption fell below 60% for the first time reached 59%, and shut down 23000 small coal-fired boilers…Various measures have strongly supported the continuous improvement of air quality nationwide in 2018, with the continuous decrease of PM2.5 concentration and the increasing number of fine days.Liu bingjiang answered the reporter’s question.When it comes to accountability for air pollution, liu bingjiang was unequivocal.There is no joking in the army. We will keep our word and carry out our deeds. If we fail to fulfill our tasks, we will be held accountable.

According to liu bingjiang, air pollution control in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and surrounding areas account for 7.2 percent of the country’s total land area, and the region contains one-third of the country’s flat glass, 39 percent of its electrolytic aluminum, 43 percent of its crude steel and 49 percent of its coke.”In terms of industrial structure, at least in hebei province, 40 million tons of steel production capacity will be eliminated in the next few years.In addition, large and wide range of industrial furnaces, or clean energy to replace, or in-depth governance, or out.”Liu bingjiang said.

At the same time, he pointed out that the transportation of iron and steel, coal power plants, coke, even electrolytic aluminum, non-ferrous metals and other industries should be carried out on a single-account basis, the freight lines of railway construction should be prohibited from using road trucks, and the “revolution railway” should be promoted.”There are a lot of lists, a lot of measures, but reducing emissions is number one.The goal has been made clear, the measures have been distributed, and we all ‘roll up our sleeves and work hard’.Liu bingjiang finally emphasized.

Post time: Mar-07-2019
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